Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcoming Little Ones

While we've turned to baby talk I just wanted to post pictures of these adorable gifts we got for S's friend who had a baby girl a few months ago. We purchased these gifts a couple months back and I placed them in a mini box I have for baked good gifts and glued on some ribbon accessories I had.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Seoul Knitting] Baby Hoodie

Happy Easter! Remember that little hoodie I knit for a pregnant friend? She had her baby two weeks ago! A beautiful baby boy! With him joining us and his hoodie looking a bit Easter-esque in pale yellow I thought it'd be appropriate to show you some detail shots of my first grand non-scarf knitting project.

knit yellow baby hoodie

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

School Store Eats

Food delivery in Korea is pretty amazing. Everyone knows you can get your Chinese food delivered (I'm waiting for mine right now) and McDonalds 24 hours of the day. But you can get so much more. Last year I wanted to get some School Food delivered but unfortunately there are none in my area that deliver so I put it upon S to find me some 장조림버터비빔밥 to get delivered that night. I pressured him while he searched Naver until we came across School Store. Almost the same name, pretty much the same menu, delivered in my area 24/7. Win, win, win! I've now become a regular ordering from them at all hours of the day. Decent food and they always deliver! (McDonalds has turned me down for being too busy or bad weather so many times. Is it just the McDonalds in my area or are they tired of me?)
Korean food delivery