Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[Wedding] Does this mean you're staying in Korea forever?!

So I'm sick at home with the flu and thought, "may as well start up blogging again!" Apparently a 104F fever is what I needed to motivate me to start blogging again. And what better way to start than announcing that.. I'm getting married! *applause* But what does this mean to friends and family back home? Yes, my chances of moving back home have just plummeted. Not gonna lie. It breaks my heart to imagine getting married without ALL of my loved ones with me and having and raising children in Korea without my family and friends by my side for every milestone. I'm terrified and excited all together. I'm sure it's a feeling many brides-to-be go through.

I feel like we've already done a lot to prepare but still have a million things left to do! It's been tricky and will continue to get trickier trying to plan the Western wedding I dreamed of since I was a child, in Korea. There have been bumps (okay, maybe more than bumps) along the road, but we're trying our best! I want to keep the planning as secretive as I can until the big day, but will share what I can both for my own record and in hopes of helping other Western brides (and Korean brides!) who are planning their wedding in Korea! Since we've already started planning and booking I'll be posting information in a pretty random order. Please bear with me!

I'll end today's post with photos from the proposal. I always told him that I don't want a planned proposal like they do in Korea. I wanted it to be spontaneous. He definitely tried his best. It was intimate and at my favorite cafe. It wasn't grandiose, but it was perfectly awkward.  Just like us.

flowerade, 제레미아이디어연구소, 플라워에이드

Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcoming Little Ones

While we've turned to baby talk I just wanted to post pictures of these adorable gifts we got for S's friend who had a baby girl a few months ago. We purchased these gifts a couple months back and I placed them in a mini box I have for baked good gifts and glued on some ribbon accessories I had.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Seoul Knitting] Baby Hoodie

Happy Easter! Remember that little hoodie I knit for a pregnant friend? She had her baby two weeks ago! A beautiful baby boy! With him joining us and his hoodie looking a bit Easter-esque in pale yellow I thought it'd be appropriate to show you some detail shots of my first grand non-scarf knitting project.

knit yellow baby hoodie