Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pho in Wangsimni

This past Sunday we wandered out to Wangsimni to hunt down a different pho place after a recommendation from a friend.  Actually I'd read about this place on another blog while searching for pho restaurants in Seoul and had debated checking it out.  In the blog I read it was called Little Vietnam but I have no idea what it's called now.

Seoul Musings
As you can see in the picture above, the pho already looks different here.  This is more like the pho I'm used to eating back at home!  The broth was sweeter and the noodles were the wider variation.

The owner is Vietnamese but they know Korean so if you know either language you're set!  Not sure about English though.  My friend was already there when we got there and ordered for us in Vietnamese.
Seoul Musings

Unfortunately I got too excited about eating and forgot to take a before picture.. luckily Anthony had pictures so I stole one of his pictures (as you can see above).  I did remember to take this though!
Seoul Musings

The restaurant is in an apartment complex and may sound a little confusing to get to but it's really not. Just in case I made sure to take photos along the way to help you find this place!
Go out Wangsimni Station Exit 2.
Take a left up the road between Family Mart & Hyundai Oilbank.
Walk up the hill to Holly's Coffee/Mini Stop & take a right.
You will see this sign leading to Samsung Home Mart in the apartment complex on your left.
Go down the stairs and you will see this food court to your left.
It's right before entering the main building.

How to get there:
"Wangsimni Pho"
서울특별시 성동구 왕십리도선동 69 성동삼성쉐르빌아파트 상가
Seoul Seongdong-gu Wangsimini-dong 69 Samsung Cherevil Apartments

  1. Go out Wangsimni Station Exit 2. Walk straight.
  2. Take a left after Family Mart (at Hyundai Oilbank)
  3. Take a right at Mini Stop (Holly's Coffee)
  4. On your left will be Samsung Cherevil Apartments.
    Go down the stairs with the sign leading to Samsung Home Mart.
  5. At the bottom of the stairs, enter the food court to your left & it's the first restaurant!


  1. This one looks legit! Hope they are still around

  2. Thank you so much for the recommendation - have been craving Vietnamese food badly, so I was delighted to find this place (good directions too by the way).

    The com tam is incredible, and they do a pretty good ice coffee too (far better than what you'll find from Korean coffee shops).